2019 The Art is Medicine Show / 2019 El Show El Arte es Medicina

Photo by Eric Castro 2018

Photo by Eric Castro 2018

Kick-off Fundraiser, Friday June 28th
at the Imaginists, 8pm. Sold Out. We’ll see you in the parks!

Free Shows in Santa Rosa parks:

  • Friday July 5, Juilliard Park, 7pm

  • Friday July 12, Bayer Farm, 7pm

  • Sunday July 14, Andy's Park, 4pm

  • Friday July 19, Juilliard Park, 7pm

    Additional dates TBD

Long live free theater in the parks! We couldn’t keep it going without you. Please consider donating to El Show el Arte es Medicina/The Art is Medicine Show.

The Imaginist’s free, bilingual, bicycle-powered Art is Medicine Show summer tour rides again with “Peace, the Redacted Version” an almost unrecognizable adaptation of Aristophanes ancient classic comedy.

A small band of domestic workers tidy up around Dump Tower while President Corn’s cabinet of fun and lovable members clean house by imprisoning Peace, Liberty and Democracy. Will an overcrowded field of Superhero hopefuls be able to swoop in for a successful rescue? Find out in “Peace, the Redacted Version”, an absurd satire for an absurd time.