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The 16th

A small, well meaning, scrappy organization, the Agency Agency, straddles funders, foundations, and consultants in order to engage the middle quadrants of a future city. Struggling to find testimonials so they can report to the Department of Measurement, the small organization crosses into the 16th, a mythical place that even the locals fear. Legend has it that the 16th is a vast desert of burial grounds with an underground network of illegal trade run by El Diablo. As they get closer to uncovering the secrets of the community in the middle quadrants, things go terribly wrong.

The 16th is a Borgesian noir and meta- theatrical satire that examines the extent to which an organization will go to get funding and who tells whose stories.  As one Q3 inhabitant puts it - "Diversity can get dangerous."

Performed in Spanish and English.

Performances in April & March 2019.