Artist Occupied Performances and Schedule 

A hybrid performance festival Sept. 28 & 29th  presented by the Imaginists.


Friday September 28, 2018:

7 pm : Freak Oracular (Amy Pinto/the Imaginists)

8 pm: When We (Rachael Dichter & Allie Hankins)

Saturday September 29, 2018:

7 pm: When We (Rachael Dichter & Allie Hankins)

8 pm: Parting Memories (Violeta Luna/Secos y Mojados)


Photo by Cleide de Oliveira

FREAK ORACULAR: Amy Pinto / the Imaginists,  September 28 only:
Transcription beta (low confidence): this is the freak oracular _______ _________an evening of story telling mix tapes and instructions for underground movements ___________ this is the hidden oracle I am _____press one to _______ thanks for tuning in.

WHEN WE: Rachael Dichter and Allie Hankins, September 28 and 29:
Set in an austere world characterized by coded language, penetrating focus, and biting humor, Allie & Rachael skillfully utilize the expansive and charged moments between events to slowly reveal a world where tension is currency, silence is sustenance, and surreality is a given. 

PARTING MEMORIES: Violeta Luna / Secos y Mojados, September 29 only: 
Parting Memories engages us with an immigrant’s moment of parting. As she readies herself for the crossing, she begins to take inventory of what she will bring with her, and what she will forever leave behind. Performed in Spanish with English subtitles.