Artist Occupied Festival

We’ve been dreaming of hosting a hybrid performance festival for years now; inviting artists whose work defies categorization whether they identify as visual artists, dancers, composers or performers or combinations of all of these. We want to open up and share this space with people who are making work that we admire and recognize as being a part of the same world of inquiry and experimentation.

Part of our vision for an artist owned space is inviting regional, national and international artists for residencies and collaborations that further discourse and exchange, expanding and diversifying the cultural life of our city. 

September 28 & 29, 2018

Violeta criminal immigrant.jpg

Parting Memories / Violeta Luna Photo: Cleide de Oliveira

When We Image.jpg

When We / Rachael Dichter & Allie Hankins Photo: Ashley Sophia Clark

Violeta sewing.jpg

Parting Memories / Violeta Luna Photo: Oliver Ludwing