Help Us Make 461 Sebastopol Ave. Artist Owned, Artist Occupied!  

461 Sebastopol Ave. renovating and moving in, 2008.

461 Sebastopol Ave. renovating and moving in, 2008.

This September 2017 we embark on a capital campaign to buy our home, 461 Sebastopol Ave. 


BACK STORY: In January 2017 we received notice from our landlords that they were selling 461 Sebastopol Avenue, our home of the past nine years. We were immediately thrust into a predicament many artists & arts organizations in the Bay Area are facing: displacement. As we quickly considered our options, we realized that there was one option that would have a profound long-term impact on our organization, our neighborhood and our community. That option was to buy the building. 

FAST FORWARD: After consulting with the Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF) on our debt capacity and  applying for and receiving a capital grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, we opened escrow on September 1, 2017. We now embark on a capital campaign to raise the needed funds to secure the building and cover related costs.


CARFULLY RESEARCHED FINANCING:  We are following a path trail blazed by San Francisco’s Community Arts Stabilization Trust (CAST). CAST recognizes that when arts organizations have stable homes, protected from a volatile real estate market, they are free to be trail blazers, hubs of innovation and creativity within their cities. Also, in economically diverse neighborhoods, they are a connecting point for people of different economic and cultural backgrounds to understand and bridge their differences through participation in the arts. CAST is supported by several Bay Area foundations and works closely with NCCLF. However, there is no CAST this far north yet so the Imaginists are also trailblazing (once again!) by initiating the conversation of artist owned/artist occupied here in the North Bay.