Magic Circle Cycle 

Circle Cycle image new.jpg

Magic Circle Cycle, in development,  is a collaboration with musician/composer Kalei Yamanoha. The piece unfolds in three movements:

Part 1: A group of women perform an age old ritual that is part sporting event, part folk dance, part school-yard game.

Part 2: Revolutions come and go. Regimes change. An accidental judge is appointed by opposing parties. Threatened into being and then ordered to die, he must decide one last case: his own.

Part 3: A noose awaits. The circle cycle closes and opens. The future arrives, unexpectedly early.

 A spinning spin on an age old story (Li Xing Dao, the bible, Brecht,)  with as many adaptations and updates as there are children being born. Kalei Yamnaoha plays the lyrical spine on piano, pump organ, accordion, banjo and guitar, running from one instrument to the next – controlling and being controlled, just like the performers, just like the story unfolding. 

the Imaginists April 5, 6, 19, 20, 21 (tickets available soon)

Z Space (San Francisco) April 11, 12, 13, 14

(Tickets for Z Space performances will be available through Z Space. Check back for more information in March)