Magic Circle Cycle 

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Magic Circle Cycle (in development) is a collaboration with composer/musician Kalei Yamanoha & the Imaginists. Played out in four movements, Magic Circle Cycle exorcises age old cycles and their offspring - current events. Inspired by, and in conversation with, Brecht’s Caucasian Chalk Circle, Genet’s The Maids, the harrowing & magic journeys of female protagonists in fairy tales and the current political moment, the piece continues to evolve into a new hybrid form of storytelling; an invented ritual intervention, song cycle, biting satire and poem-play. Kalei Yamanoha plays the lyrical spine on banjo, piano, accordion and base drum. The songs are spells.

With: Alia Beeton, Liz Jahren, Brent Lindsay, Rachel Quintana, Amy Pinto, Michelle Torres & Kalei Yamanoha.

Join us for workshop performances in April. We'll be performing at our home in Santa Rosa and at Z Space in San Francisco.

the Imaginists: April 4, 5, 19 & 21 @ 8 pm 

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Z Space (San Francisco): April 11& 12 @ 7 pm,  April 13 & 14 @ 8 pm