Third Eye Moonwalk: Live Performance

Third Eye Moonwalk (2016 - ongoing) is an interdisciplinary project that incorporates audio-visual installations, music, meditation, and performance. Its development has been supported by partners across numerous disciplines. The script received developmental readings through Playwrights Foundation and the National New Play Network at Stanford University and Custom Made Theatre. The videos were developed primarily during a residency at The Growlery, San Francisco, in July 2018. Bernson’s involvement with the Z Forge Devisors Group at Drop Forge & Tool in Hudson, NY fostered the addition of stylized movement into the live performances. In 2019, Crash Symbols will release a recorded version of the Third Eye Moonwalk audio drama.

In this performance, a disciple of the Way of the Moonwalk is sent on a dangerous spiritual quest by her teacher. As she travels the floors of a downtown office building, she encounters external obstacles ranging from a receptionist to an elevator, but it soon becomes clear that her true opponent lies within.

The Third Eye Moonwalk drama features a full cast of actors, Bernson's score, video projections, and movement by the Imaginists. Third Eye Moonwalk is presented by Catharine Clark Gallery in partnership with Minnesota Street Project as part of BOX BLUR, the gallery’s initiative to engage visual and performing art in dialogue. Bernson is also exhibiting related, site-specific installations throughout the 1275 Minnesota St, October 6 – 27, 2018 and at Catharine Clark Gallery, September 9 - October 13.