Every third Thursday of the month we’re opening the doors of the lab: it might be a work in progress, a slideshow, a conversation, a reading, community workshop, or a guest artist showing work. Or it may just be us; cleaning house, talking shop, making things, & drinking coffee.

Thursday Sept. 19th: Making a Forest. Come help us make a forest for our newest piece, Halfway to Princessentity, and while we’re doing that we’ll have a conversation about the new piece, its influences and ingredients. ***Bring them if you have them: scissors, green tempura paint, cheapie paint brushes to share, scissors/box cutters/exactos & cutting mat, snacks, green markers & crayons.**

Thursday October 17th: Q and A with contributing artists for Halfway to Princessentity.

Thursday November 21st: Strangers in Paradise; vacation slideshows, with rotating guests.

Thursday Dec. 18th: TBD

 *No tickets required!
Donations at the door are accepted but not necessary.

Our first Open House was a huge success! Thank you tree-makers, you made a beautiful forest. We hope you can make it to the next Third Thursday/Open house: Thursday October 17th