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Artist Owned Campaign: History, Goals and Support

Back Story: 

In January 2017 we received notice from our landlords that they were selling 461 Sebastopol Avenue, our home of the past ten years. We were immediately thrust into a predicament many artists & arts organizations in the Bay Area are facing: displacement. As we quickly considered our options, we realized that there was one option that would have a profound long-term impact on our organization, our neighborhood and our community. That option was to buy our building.

After consulting with the Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF) on our debt capacity and applying for and receiving a $235,000 capital grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, we opened escrow on September 1, 2017.

Thanks to an unprecedented amount of support from Imaginists supporters near and far we were able to reach our capital campaign goal of $350,000 and we closed escrow on Feb. 15th 2018. Community investors of all ages and walks of life contributed between $5 and $5000 to make our dream of a permanent home a reality. 


We are now hard at work on the second phase of making 461 Sebastopol Ave. 100% artist owned by paying off our $350,000 NCCLF bridge loan by Feb. 15th 2022. If you are interested in helping our campaign please send us an email at and you can make a donation HERE.

Artist Owned Campaign Goals:

February 15th 2018- $350,000 to secure purchase of our building. WE DID IT! We closed escrow on February 15th 2018. 

February 15th 2022 –$350,000 to pay off Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF) bridge loan. HELP US MAKE A PERMANENT SPACE FOR ARTISTS & COMMUNITY IN SANTA ROSA.

We are very thankful for the amazing support of the Imaginist community:

Phase One: Closing Escrow
Thank you to our Donors!

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Phase Two: Paying the first installment of our Bridge Loan to the Northern California Community Loan Fund. Thank you to our Donors!

Joanne Winter & Adrian Elfenbaum, Eric Anderson, Sharon Bard, Kris Bartolome, Breann Beal, Trayce & Chris Beards, Chuck Behlmer, Aphrodite Bellochio, Julian Blair, Kimberly Blattner, Ruth Brubaker Rimmer, Richard Burg, Eleanor Butchart, Jack Cabot, Buona Vita Cellars, Carol Ciavonne, Margaret Clarson, Angela Cloud, Merlin Coleman, Mollie Collins, Jennifer & Edward Collins, Blue Creek Fund of Community Foundation Sonoma County, Guy Conner, Anne Convery, Chris Cory, Richard Coshnear, Alegria De La Cruz, Grace & Jasmine De La Torre, Erik Dolgushkin, Katrina Dolgushkin, Kate Ecker, Kate Eilertsen, Bill English, Bernice Espinoza, Messing Family Charitable Foundation, Amber Faur, Doug Faxon, Codding Foundation, Brenda Fox, Maureen Given, Judith & Thomas Glenn, Lee Hackling, Meg Hammill, Susan Hegvold, Judith Helfand, Elizabeth Herron, Marna and Rick Hill, Margaret Jenkins, Marc Jones, Ellen Kaplan Cheek, Daniela Kingwill, Eleanor Kneibler, Vicky Kumpfer, Paul Larkin, Craig Larsen, Louisa Leavitt, Lori Leigh, Leighann Lindsay, Ila Lough, Kristen Madsen, Shan Magnuson, Aaron and Heidi Malek, Julie A Malone, Spring Maxfield, John McGuirk, Bill & Leanne Mills, Susan Moore, J Mullineaux, Michael Muscardini, Laura & Matt O'Connor, Laurie Olsen, Andy & Lesley Orford, Noelle Oxenhandler, Yolanda Padilla, Christina Panza, Joel Pinto, Whitni Rader, Debbie Ramirez, Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock, Cindy Berrios & Ricardo Budjak, Michael Rimar, Tessa Rissacher, Arnold Rosenfield, Paulette Ryan Staker, Margaret & James Sands, Greg Sarris, Kathie Schmid, Annie Scully, Ann Sebastian, Jesse Shantor, Susan Shaw, Brian Shears, Cabe Silverhame, Carol Simpson, Janice Sinclaire, Marla Skibbins, Cheryl Solgat, Elizabeth Spreen, Melinda Carol Stahl & Matthew Ellis Nix, Susan Starbid, Kristen Throop, Mary Vaughan, Loring Vogel, Ani Weaver, Dave and Sherry Wight, Allegra Wilson, Jason Young, Dawn Zaft