461 Sebastopol Ave. - Artist Owned, Artist Occupied 

We envision a future when:

Three from Geography and Plays, Gertrude Stein (2011)

Three from Geography and Plays, Gertrude Stein (2011)

  • The Imaginists are a permanent force in the life of our neighborhood and our city, no longer transient, at the whim of market forces, subject to displacement. We continue making groundbreaking new work, educating & mentoring young people, and collaborating with community partners on issues affecting our region. 

  • 461 Sebastopol Ave. is an artist owned and occupied building that stands for our values of inclusion, inquiry, experimentation and collaboration. It is home to artists of many disciplines who contribute to the cultural and civic life of our city and county. 

  • Regional, national and international artists come for residencies and collaborations that further discourse and exchange, expanding and diversifying the cultural life of our city.