Spin Off Pineapple end .jpg

Episode 1: Grandpa’s Happy Homecoming

Episode 2: Angasuarus Rex

Episode 3: Trigger Finger

Episode 4: Once Upon a Christmas Tree

Episode 5: Cabin Fever

Episode 6: Early Yearly New Year

Episode 7: Casting Couch

Episode 8: Expedition Sparkle Land

Episode 9: Shiver Me Shutdown

Episode 10: Pineapple Surprise


Spin Off spins us back to an Imaginists’ alternate universe in which the average American theater family navigates the ups-and-downs of a world gone wacky, weekly. Spin Off’s inaugural season of all new episodes delivers new twists including: the arrival of Grandpa, a new theme song, oodles of distasteful situations, colorful language, & occasional black holes. Join us for the most hilarious high-jinxs this side of Santa Rosa Avenue and get spun.

Pilot episodes: Nov. 30 & Dec. 1, 7, & 8

New episodes every Friday December through January.

Special binge watch performance on Saturday Jan. 26th: 5 pm until we’re done.

SPIN OFF is a tribute to ten years of work at our home base 461 Sebastopol Ave. It’s a tribute to the people and community that have made it possible for this work to happen and it’s a commentary about our society, art, community, and all kinds of families. We also wanted to shake up our own process by making something weekly and episodic, writing fast and rehearsing fast. Starting with the tight structure and mechanics of situation comedy and then seeing where we might explode those- freedom within the form.


Eliot Fintushel as Grandpop

Jose Manuel DeLeon as Manny

Zahira Diaz as ZaiZai

Rachel Quintana as Ray

Amanda Artru as ManMan

Amy Pinto as Mom

Brent Lindsay as Dad

Bodhi Kuser as Bodhi

And special guest stars: Djuna Barriclow, Julie Combs, Bryce Dow-Williamson, Julie Fox, Yareny Fuentes, Stephen Patterson, Tessa Rissacher, Margret Valdes, & Josh Windmiller.