Become a Bedrock Donor!

Support the Imaginists by becoming a Bedrock Donor!

What is a bedrock donor?

Bedrock donors sustain the work of the Imaginists by making small monthly recurring contributions from $1 - $10. The emphasis on small and recurring means that almost anyone can be an active supporter of the ongoing life of this innovative, nationally recognized, locally made theater company.

Small is sustainable! We want our base to reflect who we are.

Help us prove that we can change the way art is funded by and for the privileged few. We will be a national model for re-thinking theater and how it’s supported.



Click here to login to Arts People our secure CRM and ticketing company for non-profits, where you can securely make your donation. It only takes a minute to login. 

Or you can mail in your donation to:

The Imaginists
461 Sebastopol Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Donations are tax-deductible. If you require assistance or would like to donate by phone; give us a ring at (707) 528-7554.

Special Thanks To Our First 53 Bedrock Donors

Kristen Madsen

Lisa Maldonado

Grant Martin

Gabe Maxson

 Michelle Maxson

Amanda & Izzi Maxson

Suzanne Maxson

Magdalena McQuilla

Kim Nadeav

Christy Pichel

 Amy Pinto

 Ana Rangel

Jessica Rasmussen

Virginia Reed

Toni Rembe

Arthur Rock

Aaron Rosewater

Bronwen Shears

Cabe Silverhame and Sonja Roberts

Ariana Spillane

Michelle Torres

Lori Trew

 Michelle Whitman

Allegra Wilson

Larry Wilson

David Yoshitomi

Gerald Yoshitomi

Karen Aguiar

Amanda Artru

Yoshie Bjornsson

Robert Bradford

Gloria Conley

Richard Coshnear

Manny De Leon

 Zahira Diaz

Bryce Dow-Williamson

Maya Dunstan

Sierra Faulkner

Laura Ferreia

Elisabeth Fiekowsky

Elisabeth Fiekowsky

Elizabeth Fowlds

 Brenda Fox

Frances Garcia

Irma Garcia

Jennifer Guerra

Kevin Jones

Daniela Kingwill

Julie Kiser

 Adele Levin

Brent Lindsay

Gary Lindsay

Leighann Lindsay

Troy Logan

The Imaginists
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