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What is a Bedrock Donor?

Bedrock Donors sustain the work of the Imaginists by making small monthly recurring contributions from $1 - $20. The emphasis on small and recurring means that almost anyone can be an active supporter of the ongoing life of this innovative, nationally recognized, locally made theater company.

Our Goal is 150 Bedrock Donors by Dec. 31, 2018. We currently have 62 Bedrockers. 

Can you help us meet our goal? 

Small is sustainable! We want our base to reflect who we are.


Special Thanks To Our Bedrock Donors:

Lisa Maldonado

Spring Maxfield

Gabe Maxson

Michelle Maxson

Suzanne Maxson

Magdalena McQuilla

Nicole Mitchell

Gail Norwood

Heidi Pedrazzetti

Christy Pichel

Amy Pinto

Michael Powell

Debbie Ramirez

Ana Rangel

Jessica Rasmussen

Michael Rimar

Tessa Rissacher

Aaron Rosewater

Margaret & Dan Sands

Jesse Shantor

Bronwen Shears

Cabe Silverhame and Sonja Roberts

Margaret Songster

Kate Thompson

Kitty and Brian Wells

Josh Windmiller

Brian Wise

Allegra Wilson

Alan Worstell

Gerald & Cindy Yoshitomi

Alegria & Martin Zuniga

Brent E Anderson

Charlotte Billotte

Julian Billotte & Anna Wiziarde

Yoshie Bjornsson

Rob & Charya Burt

Carol Ciavonne & Hody Wilson

Mary Ann Ciavonne

Julie Combs

Jamie Davis-Meyer

Erik Dolgushkin

Katrina Dolgushkin

Bryce Dow-Williamson

Maya Dunstan

Kathleen Ecker & John Mackie

Kate Eilertsen

Bernice Espinoza

Pam Fassett

Kerry Fogarty

Brenda Fox

Maureen Given

Catherine Graves

Jennifer Guerra

Susan Hegvold & Greg Dolgushkin

Ingrid Houghton

David Janda

Kevin Jones

Daniela Kingwill

Eleanor Kneibler

Brent Lindsay

Leighann Lindsay & John Rader

Shan Magnuson

*Please note: We aim to keep this list as up to date as possible; we love our Bedrockers! If your name should be here but isn’t, please reach out to us right away!

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