The Art is Medicine Show rides again!
Celebrating 9 years of free, bilingual, bicycle-powered theater!


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The Imaginists are interrupted, censored, and silenced while trying to perform their original bilingual adaptation of Horacio Quiroga's Juan Darién. The infamous President Corn and his bumbling sidekick Senator Cracker sabotage the Imaginists’ performance in order to perform their own agenda called “Let’s Make America Pretty Good Again Summertime Extravaganza” with an ode to the almighty dollar. What ensues is an all out theatrical show-down, thank goodness Mother Earth and her posse arrive to empower the artists & audience and give a much needed TIME OUT to the “malcriados”. A sly mash up of the classic story by Horacio Quiroga, The Emperor's New Clothes, Cinderella, weekly headlines and anything else we can throw in the bike trailers! The Imaginists’ 9th annual free bilingual, bicycle-powered summer tour takes the current political moment head-on with a satirical, over-the-top show fit to entertain all ages. 

JOIN US FRIDAY JULY 14th for the KICK-OFF FUNDRAISER! Help us kick off the ninth annual tour! 7 pm at the Imaginists: see the new show, enjoy food and beverages and help support the One and Only bilingual, bicycle powered EL SHOW EL ARTE ES MEDICINA!


Park Performances are: 

Saturday July 15th @ Juilliard Park 4 pm

Sunday July 16th @ Howarth Park 4 pm

Friday July 21st @ Bayer Park and Neighborhood Gardens 7 pm

Saturday July 22 @ Southwest Community Park 4 pm

Sunday July 23 @ Finley Park 4 pm

Special thanks to our 2017 major donors Codding Foundation, Greg Sarris, Anonymous, the California Arts Council, City of Santa Rosa and to everyone who supported the tour by coming to our kick off event or contributing to "the pass the hat" at park shows. We couldn't do this without the support of our community!

A huge Thank You to our generous sponsors!