The Magic Circle Cycle (working title)


The Imaginists present early showings of their latest work in development, The Magic Circle Cycle, a collaboration with musician/composer Kalei Yamanoha (Oddjob Ensemble).

The Magic Circle Cycle is a response to the historical moment in which we find ourselves. “There was once a woman made mother by love, not blood,” the Old Story begins, “but her world was ready for blood, not love.” As with all of The Imaginists' work, it offers audiences the experience of myth and magic and asks a question both ancient and urgent: Where is our responsibility? 

Kalei Yamnaoha plays the lyrical spine to this piece on piano, pump organ, accordion, banjo and guitar. The songs are spells. Behold the power of the Magic Circle!

Work in process showings: Dec.  9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 29, 30 & Jan. 1st.@ the Imaginists 461 Sebastopol Ave, Santa Rosa

All performances @ 8 pm except Saturday Dec. 10 @ 3 pm

Recommended for mature audiences. 



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