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The Party goes to San Francisco! 

The Party has been invited to the 2014 FURYFactory festival of ensemble theater.

We will be in San Francisco on these dates:

Tuesday, July 8th @ 9pm
Wednesday, July 9th @ 8:30pm
Friday, July 11th @ 8:30pm

The Party 2013

The Party is a ritual re-enactment of The Story, told annually on the longest night of the year. The performers (characters & actors) recreate The Story as they have done for years. The Party takes place on, under, and around a table at which both audience and performers are seated. Narrative is debated, up-ended, and fought over. The linguistic topography of The Story is empty/meaningless/bought & sold. We play musical chairs and snow falls. The Story changes – a little bit every year.

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Audience member Terry Oden in response to The Party

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